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Giovanni de Dondi ASTRARIUM ( # 37 )

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the Astrarium

Giovanni de Dondi's Astrarium

The Astrarium built by Giovanni de Dondi gives some information on the position in the sky in a Ptolemaic solar system ( the earth being at center and the sun and five planets (Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter) rotating around it) of all planets known at his time .

my astrarium

I wonder many times what pressed me to build this astrarium and the only answer I find is my desire to understand.

When first in a Museuam I saw a copy of the Astrarium I was not able to watch carefully the seven dials .So I purchased Giovanni de Dondi's “Tractatus astarii “, where I discovered a new and very fascinating world.

With my inadequate and modest words I will try to share with you this world.

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